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Everyday from 11-10 pm for beer and food!

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Black Market Brewing produces high-quality, handcrafted beers for those in the know.

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Black Market Pizza.

Now Introducing Pizza prepared onsite.

Come into the Taproom and try it!

Black Market Pizza.

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Current Tap List

  1. 01.



    ABV 5.8%

    IBU 44

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  2. 02.


    Cold Brew Coffee / Rusted Iron Coffee Beans

    ABV N/A

    IBU N/A

  3. 03.

    Cucumber Gose

    Sour Wheat Ale w/salt

    ABV 4.2

    IBU 15

  4. 04.


    Coconut Lime Blonde

    ABV 4.5

    IBU 16.3

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  5. 05.


    West Coast DIPA

    ABV 8.6

    IBU 60

  6. 06.


    Bavarian Style

    ABV 5.0%

    IBU 8

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  7. 07.

    Ice - T

    Assam Tea Leaves, Raspberries, Blueberries and more...

    ABV N/A

    IBU N/A

  8. 08.


    Red IPA

    ABV 6.5

    IBU 75

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  9. 09.


    New England Style DIPA

    ABV 8.4

    IBU 45

  10. 10.

    Neon Cactus

    Blonde Ale w/Mango & Cactus

    ABV 5.0

    IBU 20

  11. 11.

    New England DIPA

    New England - Style DIPA

    ABV 8.4

    IBU 35

  12. 12.


    American Adjunct Lager

    ABV 4.5

    IBU 12

  13. 13.


    Belgian Quadruple

    ABV 11%

    IBU 29

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  14. 14.

    Rye IPA


    ABV 7.5

    IBU 35

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  15. 15.


    West Coast Style Brown

    ABV 5.5%

    IBU 40

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  16. 16.

    Sweep the Leg

    Session IPA

    ABV 5.0

    IBU 48

  17. 17.

    Teddy Grams - NITRO

    Blonde Ale w/ Vietnamese Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean

    ABV 5.0

    IBU 15


  • Watermelon Gose with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt coming soon....🍉🍉 @ Black Market Brewing Co.

    Aug 18
  • Coffee brown with @augiescoffee in the works!

    Aug 17
  • Did you know we have a fully equipped pizza kitchen located right inside the tasting room? Keep an eye on our...

    Aug 17
  • Did you know we have a fully equipped pizza kitchen located right inside the tasting room? Keep…

    Aug 17


Daily Food Specials

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  1. Monday Slice: Chapman

    Monday Special (5-9 PM): Large speciality pizza, large salad, basket of pretzels and pitcher of beer $40

  2. Tuesday Slice: Ames

    Tuesday Special (7-9 PM): Cheese and Pepperoni slices $2

  3. Wednesday Slice: Capone

    Wednesday Special (All-Day): Buy any size pizza and get the same size 1/2 off

  4. Thursday Slice: Dellinger

    Thursday Special (All-Day): Large specialty pizza and pitcher of beer $32

  5. Friday Slice: Hansen

    Friday Special (11-3 PM): Beer of the day plus Cheese or Pepperoni slice $7

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Black Market Brewing

41740 Enterprise Cir. N, #109
Temecula, CA 92590
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Tasting Room Hours

11-10 pm Daily

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T: 951.296.5039
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