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Brew good. Do good.

Community support is the backbone of our brewery’s success.
Giving back to that community is important to Black Market.


Please fill out the form below and submit it at least 45 days prior to your event. The more information you include about your group, the easier it will be for us to determine whether Black Market is a good fit for your event.

We’ll notify you via email about your request within two weeks.

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If requesting beer, check all that apply.

Location has a liquor license. Location will have a temporary liquor license. Event will be serving other alcoholic beverages. Event will be selling the requested beer.

If benefiting a non-profit, enter Federal Tax ID.

Some nitty gritty

You must be a 501(c)3 to take advantage of our donation program.

We can offer gift cards, brewery tours, discounted party rates or free product, but will not give money. All donations are final and cannot be exchanged or refunded for monetary value.

For Merchandise Donations, please include how the merchandise will be utilized (silent auction, part of a gift basket, prize, etc.)

If you’re going to be serving our beer at your event: 1) We do not donate kegs, only bottles and cans 2) if the event is open to the public, we will need a copy of the caterer’s liquor license or temporary liquor license to serve the beer.

All donations must be picked up at the brewery during business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm) and we cannot provide staff to work events or deliver donations.

We are unable to contribute to K-12 school auctions or youth functions.