Black Market Brewing




Double India Pale Lager

When you think of a lager, do light, malty, non-adventurous beer thoughts come to mind? That’s where the subterfuge begins and perception ends, with Charlatan. Charlatan is not your standard malty, or light, lager. It packs a wallop of serious hop punch and a treacherous 9.5% ABV to boot. This Double India Pale Lager combines the clean, refreshing base of pilsner malt and lager yeast, with some seriously piney, spicy, and resinous hops. Massive quantities of Eureka, and experimental hops give Charlatan everything you would want in an IPA, but in a lager. Prepare to revel in the ruse.

  • ABV 9.5

  • IBU 66

  • Hops Eureka, Experimental #07270

  • Malt Pilsner

  • Availability Fall